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The 2024 ISDSA Meeting will be held in Vienna, Austria from July 21-24, 2024.


Certification Programs

The International Society for Data Science and Analytics provides a certification program that is both independent and scientifically rigorous. A certificate from ISDSA indicates that an individual has achieved a certain level of proficiency in the field of data science and analytics.

Types of Certificates

ISDSA offers four different types of certificates: one nonprofessional certification – Beginner Data Scientist, and three professional certifications – Data Scientist, Advanced Data Scientist, and Fellow Data Scientist.

Beginner Data Scientist

The Beginner Data Scientist certificate is designed for individuals who are not pursuing data science as a profession but have a keen interest in the subject. This certificate is suitable for anyone who has completed basic data science training, including middle and high school students. Although holders of this certificate have a good understanding of data science concepts, they are not expected to perform complex data tasks.

Data Scientist

A Data Scientist possesses the essential data science skills required to perform daily data-related operations. Typically, these skills are obtained through an undergraduate program in applied statistics or a related field. A Data Scientist has a strong understanding of data ethics, can proficiently manage data using software tools such as SPSS, Excel, Access, or MySQL, and perform data manipulation techniques such as data transformation, cleaning, subsetting, and merging. They can also conduct basic data visualization, accurately apply basic statistical methods like t-tests, ANOVA, and regression analysis, and carry out related analysis through statistical software. Data Scientists at this level represent 60% of data science professionals and are skilled at carrying out routine data tasks efficiently. They can also present their findings in written reports and visual formats.

Advanced Data Scientist

In addition to the essential skills of a Data Scientist, an Advanced Data Scientist possesses expertise in big data analysis and predictive and machine learning methods. This advanced skill set is typically obtained through a two-year data science master's program. An Advanced Data Scientist is capable of independently implementing data strategies to address complex business challenges in the industry. Approximately 30% of data-related tasks require the skills of an Advanced Data Scientist. They are equipped to handle more complex data projects and provide insights and recommendations based on advanced data analysis techniques.

Fellow Data Scientist

The prestigious title of Fellow Data Scientist is reserved for only 5% of data scientists, and it is typically earned through exceptional skills and extensive experience in the field. These skills are often obtained through a Ph.D. program in statistics, computer sciences, or related areas. A Fellow Data Scientist is a highly respected and influential figure in the data science industry, often holding positions such as data science director. They possess a deep understanding of advanced data analysis techniques, data modeling, and data visualization. Fellows are experts in their field and are often sought out for their advice and recommendations on complex data problems.

A comparison of different types of certificates

Skills Data Scientist Advanced Fellow
Data ethics  
Data management
Data manipulation
Basic data visualization  
Basic statistical methods  
Basic programming  
Oral communication  
Data analysis reports  
Working with big data    
Predictive models    
Classification and regression tree    
Scientific writing    
Advanced programming skills using R and/or Python    
Text mining and natural language processing    
Computer vision    
Machine learning and deep learning    
Hadoop, Hive, Tensor flow    
GPU based programming    

How to Get Certificated?

ISDSA certifies data scientists in one of following ways: (1) One can get a certificate after successfully completing our data science training program offered by ISDSA Academy, (2) A data scientist can pass the ISDSA data scientist exams to get a certificate; (3) An ISDSA certification panel can evaluate the qualification of a data scientist and issue a certificate; and (4) One can get a certificate through ISDSA certified training programs.

ISDSA offers several ways for individuals to become certified data scientists. These include:

  • Successfully completing the data science training program offered by ISDSA Academy
  • Passing the ISDSA data scientist exams
  • Having their qualifications evaluated by an ISDSA certification panel and receiving a certificate based on their expertise
  • Completing an ISDSA certified training program and receiving a certificate upon completion

These different pathways allow individuals to demonstrate their proficiency in data science through various means. The ISDSA certification program aims to provide a standardized and rigorous assessment of an individual's knowledge and skills in the field of data science and analytics, regardless of the method by which they obtain their certification.

Data Science Academy

ISDSA Academy provides a comprehensive range of in-person and online courses that cover both basic and advanced data science topics. Our courses are taught by experts from both academia and industry, ensuring that participants receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for the demands of a career in data science.

Upon successfully completing one of our training programs, participants will receive a certificate indicating their level of expertise. The certificate can be either for beginner data scientist, data scientist, or advanced data scientist, depending on the program completed.

We are proud to offer the following training programs through ISDSA Academy:

Data Scientist Exams

ISDSA offers data scientist exams to individuals who are interested in obtaining a data scientist certificate. Our exams are designed by experts in data science to thoroughly assess candidates' knowledge of data science and data analytics at various levels. The exams can be taken either on-site or virtually with supervision. Please find the costs of our exams below.

Data Scientist$1,199
Advanced Data Scientist$3,199

Panel Evaluation

For those who have been trained in a data science related program such as an undergraduate or graduate data science program, an online program, or other training programs, ISDSA can issue a certificate after evaluating the rigor of the program and the performance of the candidate. A candidate can submit the complete information about the program, the official training record, including course syllabi, grades, projects completed, and so on, for an evaluation. At least one member of the ISDSA data science panel will provide a written document on the qualification of the candidate and ISDSA will issue a certificate if the candidate meets the standards set by the panel. The cost of the panel evaluation is listed below.

Beginner Data Scientist$99
Data Scientist$299
Advanced Data Scientist$599
Fellow Data Scientist$999

Certified Training Programs

ISDSA offers certification to training programs that meet the high standards set by the organization. A certified training program is authorized to issue certificates to its trainees on behalf of ISDSA. To become certified, a training program must submit its complete curriculum to ISDSA for evaluation. ISDSA evaluates a program based on the qualifications of the instructors, the design and implementation of courses, the performance of the trainees, and the feedback of the trainees. A program must be evaluated every three years to maintain its certified status. If a program does not meet the standards required for certification, half of the evaluation cost will be refunded. The cost of evaluating a program is listed below.

TypeInitial CostRenew
1–100 trainees each year\$4,999\$1,999
101–1,000 trainees each year\$9,999\$3,999
>1,000 trainees each year\$14,999\$5,999

For each certificate that a training program issues, the following fee (paid by the training program) is also charged:

1–100 trainees each year$20
101–1,000 trainees each year$10
>1,000 trainees each year$5


ISDSA maintains a database with all the certified data scientists. The database can be searched using a certificate number. For each certified data scientist, the following information is collected by ISDSA:

  • First name and last name
  • Year of birth
  • A headshot (Optional)
  • Email address

Anyone can search the database. For a matched record, the following information will be displayed to the party of interest:

  • First name and last name
  • Certificate number
  • Type of certificate (Beginner Data Scientist, Data Scientist, Advanced Data Scientist, or Fellow Data Scientist)
  • Date of certification
  • An QR code

To get certified, please contact us at certificate@isdsa.org.

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