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Who is ISDSA?

ISDSA is a professional association for those, researchers or practitioners, who are interested in data science and data analytics. The association is a non-profit organization under incorporation in the state of Indiana.

The principal functions of ISDSA are as follows:

  • Provide a platform for communication about data science and analytics.
  • Publish the Journal of Behavioral Data Science.
  • Sponsor conferences on data science and analytics.

Membership and benefits

There are three types of membership at ISDSA: regular member, certified member, and fellow.

  • Regular membership is open to everyone and free to join. The benefit of regular membership includes free use of ISDSA website, timely notifications of conferences, symposia, and workshops, free publication in Journal of ISDSA, free access to job opening list.
  • Certified membership requires annual subscription. The current annual subscription fee is $99. A member certification is provided. On the website, the member information is marked as verified and accurate. In addition to all the benefit available to the regular members, the certified members also receive reduced conference registration fees and have the chance to serve as association editors or guest editors on the Journal of ISDSA.
  • A fellow is an honor to a member of ISDSA. A fellow is awarded according to nomination and the contribution of a member to ISDSA. A fellow enjoys all the benefit of a certified member. In addition, a fellow receives reduced annual subscription fee of $88.

More information of the comparison of different types of membership can be found here.

Help us

Pleas help ISDSA with donations. ISDSA is an exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Therefore, you donation is tax deductible. Please share the page with your colleagues.

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