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The 2024 ISDSA Meeting will be held in Vienna, Austria from July 21-24, 2024.


Publish with ISDSA Press

Publication process

ISDSA Press follows a simple and efficient publication process.

  1. An author submits a book manuscript for publication. The manuscript has to be relatively complete ready for copyediting. We DO NOT accept book proposals. 
  2. The manuscript will be reviewed by at least three experts on the topic. If all of them recommend publication, it will move to the copyediting phase.
  3. An editor will summarize the reviews and prepare a broad, comprehensive assessment of your manuscript. The author will receive specific advice on how to develop a stronger narrative, better pacing, and more engaging book.
  4. The author revises the book manuscript accordingly and prepares a publication-ready manuscript.
    • A comprehensive editing is needed before the submission of the final manuscript. The author can do it himself/herself or hire a copy editor to do it. This process cuts down on wordiness and tightens the language to create a more enjoyable read. ISDSA Press does provide copyediting service but with a fee. Click here for more details.
  5. The book is published. 

Publication model

ISDSA Press follows an order-to-print publication model. Books can be ordered through Amazon or our website. We publish both paperback books and e-books. The author of the book decides the price of the book and gets the royalty out of most the profit.

Royalty of a paperback book

The royalty of a paperback book is calculated based the following formular:

(book price - cost of selling the book)*85%

Therefore, the author keeps 85% of the profit of the book. ISDSA keeps 15% to pay the related cost for publishing the book. For example, if a book price is set at \$30 and the cost of the book is \$20, the total profit will be \$10. Then, the author receives \$8.5 for every copy of the book sold.

If the book price is the same as the cost of the book, neither the author nor ISDSA Press receives any income. ISDSA Press is totally fine with it since it is a not-for-profit publisher.

Royalty of an e-book

E-book is sold through our website. The royalty of an e-book is calculated based the following formular:

book price*80%

Therefore, the author keeps 80% of the income on the book. For example, if the price of the e-book is \$10, for every book sold, the author gets \$8.

An author can list an e-book as a free book. ISDSA Press does not charge anything for listing a free e-book.

To start a book publication with us, please send an email to press@isdsa.org.

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