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Guest Editor Instructions

As a guest editor, the task starts by receiving an email from the journal. A sample email is given below.

To accept or reject the guest editor invitation, simply click the link in the email. If you accept the invitation, you will receive an email with the information shown below.

Through the link in this email, you can go to the journal website to select reviewers as well as make a decision on the paper. The webpage looks like the one below. On this page, you can see a list of reviewers that the author has recommended. You can click on the checkbox on the reviewers you want to invite and then click the “Select the reviewers” button. An email will be sent to each reviewer you select.

Note you can also manage the papers you agree to handle by logging in the journal website and then click the link “Manage Submissions”.

You can also invite one or more reviewers who are not on the list by typing their member ID in the “New reviewers” box. To find the member ID of the reviewers, click the "Find ID" link. It will take you to the webpage so that you can search the member ID by name and/or email. If the reviewer was not in the system yet, you can add their information to recommend them to be a reviewer.

Each time a review is completed, you will be informed. You can make an editorial decision anytime. For example, you can accept or reject a paper directly without even sending it out for review. To do so, select your recommendation and input your decision letter.

You can also make a decision after receiving 1, 2, or more reviews from the reviewers.

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