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The 2024 ISDSA Meeting will be held in Vienna, Austria from July 21-24, 2024.


Serang Sarfaraz

I'm an Assistant Professor in the Psychology Department at Utah State University, specifically within the Quantitative Psychology program. I received my Ph.D. in (quantitative) psychology from the University of Southern California, where I worked with Jack McArdle and Rand Wilcox. Prior to that, I did my undergraduate work at the University of California, Davis, where I majored in psychology and statistics. My research program involves developing and evaluating statistical methods for use in the social sciences. My methodological interests include structural equation modeling, longitudinal modeling, statistical learning (data mining/machine learning), and combinations of the three. My substantive interests involve understanding cognitive change over time.

Webpage: https://psychology.usu.edu/directory/faculty/serang-sarfaraz

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