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Step-by-step Paper Submission Instructions

You have to be a member of ISDSA to submit a manuscript. To become a free member, click here. To submit a paper, first log into our journal system at https://isdsa.org/jbds.

There are two submission portals:

  1. Simple submission portal. You only need to provide the title and abstract of your manuscript as well as a cover letter.
  2. Comprehensive submission portal. You will be asked to provide detailed information on your manuscript.

Simple submission portal

The simple interface for paper submission is given below. You need to provide the following information

  • Title of your paper
  • Abstract of your paper
  • Cover letter. In your cover letter, please provide the following information of up to two possible guest editors and up to 5 reviewers.
    • Name
    • Institute
    • Email address
  • Your manuscript as a PDF file.

Comprehensive submission portal

Using this method to submit your paper can speed up the review process. Please read the instructions carefully before proceeding.

The submission first asks for the paper information. The information includes author names, email addresses of the authors, and institutes of the authors. Multiple pieces of author information should be separated by “;”. Particularly, if multiple authors are from the same institute, the institute name should be repeated.

Second, information on an associate editor, two guest editors and five reviewers can be provided. For guest editors and reviewers, their member ID number should be provided as shown below.

To find the member ID number of a guest editor or a reviewer, go to Find a member ID. One can search for a member through first name, last name, and/or email address.

If a guest editor or a reviewer one wants to recommend is not registered with the journal, one can add his/her information on this webpage. The new member ID will be printed after the information was submitted.

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