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Aims and Scope

JISDSA is an international, peer reviewed journal aim to publish high-quality, original research from researchers and practitioners in the area of data science and data analytics. Although the journal covers all the topics regarding data science, data analytics, and data analysis. We divide the journal into the following 6 categoricies, which are not mutually exclusive.

Theory and Methods

This section contains articles on the development of methods and models for data analysis including new mathematical and statistical techniques and methods development.

Application and Case Studies

This section highlights the connection between data analysis techniques and its application to particular data in social, behavioral, education, physical, biological sciences, and related areas to deepen the substantive understanding of phenomena in one or more disciplines.


This section publishes papers on explaining how to apply a particular method or technique.


The section publish new algorithms to improve efficiency of methods and techniques.


This section publishes papers regarding data analysis software and programs such as R functions, R packages, SAS macros or standard-alone programs.

Data sets

This section publishes original data collected.


This section publishes book and software reviews.

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